About Me

Hello stranger. 

If you have found me, it's unfortunate I do not know why or how. But I am glad you are here. So glad. Can I help you? Can you help me? Am I a lunatic? (Maybe, probably, and definitely)

My name is Colleen. I'm a wife. A mom. A sister. A friend. And lots of other things. I am pretty simple, not too complicated, and I love my life that way. I wear chucks almost every day, I have a mass of crazy grey hair, I'm a chronic over-sharer, and I don't plan to change because now that I have finally made it into my 30's I'm pretty ok with myself. Which is a feat unto it's own. 

I write here mostly to share recipes (we are a gluten, dairy, egg, and corn free household—oh holy mother it is work), vent frustrations, and talk about family. I have a small word-of-mouth sewing and embroidery business I operate off a Facebook page primarily called Lagniappe Loveys that celebrates my Cajun roots. I raise my boys with as much grace as I can handle and I hope I don't fail them completely. I love my husband more than I thought I ever would, despite losing him to football and soccer season coaching duties for the better part of the school year. 

My life isn't perfect but it is ours. So I'm here, like you, trying to share what little I know. Very little. I hope we can share together.


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