Sunday, October 4, 2015

September 2015: In The Shop

More Lagniappe Loveys items!  This month was busy with that giant baby clothes memory quilt.  So proud of how that turned out! 35 items of clothing into blocks and the name was customized on my machine using more of the fabric.  Hope to do some more of those!
Matrix Demolition polo's!
Halloween Bucket!
Doc Stuffin's shirt for a 2nd birthday!
minion's tshirt!
Cheer Skirts in Curlz font
More Halloween Buckets
More buckets
and more buckets!
Cheer Skirts x2!

Personalized, memory quilt from baby clothes!  So proud of this one!

coffee kitchen towels for a wedding gift!

embroidered, lace bachelorette sash!

TCU dresses love love love!

haloween shirts: candy corn and bows, and 1st halloween ghost

frankenstein halloween shirt

more halloween buckets, these with patches!
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