Saturday, August 15, 2015

For The Love

I was a part of the For The Love book launch team for Jen Hatmaker. Seriously, women: this book is everything. This book made me laugh, cry, nod, and feel at peace. Even if only for a second while I hid from my children. 

It helped. And sometimes you just need to read words that make you feel connected and so very not alone. 
The book is really great. It's insightful, it's motherhood, it's faith, it's the downfalls of Christianity, it's hilarious. It has catch phrases my friends need to start understanding since saying them to myself for months now has gone a little wack.
But it's out now. FINALLY. I've been laughing through certain chapters on bad days without being able to share and now I can. 

I even went to her church during our visit to Austin a few months ago and got that crazy stalker photo with her and my book. I have no limits. Obviously. #bless

So do yourself a favor, buy it. It's cheapest on Amazon, and hello who doesn't have prime these days:

And buy one for every woman you know. I am. 
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