Friday, March 6, 2015


Other than a few food posts I haven't really been here since I finished up Asher's first year. Whoops, my bad yall. For some reason the spring has been flying by. 

Probably because it's soccer season and I can barely find my own children under the piles of laundry Coach creates during season. On game nights he makes a solid load of dirty, damp, smelly clothes the second he walks in the door. Good heavens the laundry. And soccer laundry mildews it's so damp from being out in the cold and muck. Our poor washer. I'm glad appliances don't have feelings.

And we have had some crazy ice/snow weather down here that has kind of disrupted our normal routines and by the time we get back into a good one it happens again. Examples:
I'm trying to think of what we have even been up to and other than being giant children with crazy appetites, I can't think of much. 

I've been embroidering more and waiting for another busy wave of sewing orders to hit. Graduation memory quilt spots are already being "reserved" but I don't have any in-hand yet to work on. I would bet after spring break I get a bunch. 

We are trying to plan a trip to New Orleans this summer. And while I generally would completely forgo a trip to the bayou during the summer months, we are well overdue for a family trip. We haven't ever taken a vacation and most of my dad's family has never met Coach, much less the boys. I'm already having anxiety about the 9 hour drive but I'll be glad to go. I'm already looking forward to it. If we survive the trip with a 4 year old (!!!) and an 18 month old (cry all the tears).

My sister and brother-in-law are also—as we speak—PCSing down to Ft. Sill in Oklahoma and it'll be nice to have them close, even if only temporarily. A few months is better than none! Plus it'll be summer so we can do lots of pool time with the kids. My niece is getting gigantic. 

And we still haven't celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Every time, every year, we plan something the world blows up in our face. So here it is 3 months late and still we haven't had a date night. Or used our fancy restaurant gift card. We need it SO BAD. I cannot even tell you. So prayers that we can have that sometime in the next century. So need time with my man. 

And that's it. Had to get a new phone. Silly but that's a big deal in mommy-land. And the case is RED. Like yikes red. 

Lloyd picked it out. He's obsessed with the red gingerbread man in Candy Land. Serious business, playing board games with a 3 year old. :)

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