Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cheer

Lloyd is in full holiday love.  He is talking about Santa, excited about Christmas Day, excited for Jesus's birthday, you name it. We read and watched the grinch this weekend and he about plotzed from excitement. 

He is making this season so incredible for us. He noted that our tree doesn't have a topper. He wanted a twinkle star. We have never had a topper so I figured we could trek to Kohls to find something with my coupon and $5 off voucher. As we are strolling around the ornaments section and I'm not seeing ANY toppers, he spots (with sheer, unadulterated, 3-year-old glee) a horrible golden light-up toper. It is, literally, the only topper they have. It's on clearance. With our coupon and free $5 we paid $3.

He carried it proudly around the store. Dancing. Telling all the ladies about his "twinkle star. For my tree. At my house. I decorated it."

Multiple ladies complimented him. Multiple ladies uttered the words "what Christmas spirit". Commented on his joy. 

So I let it go. And smiled. And was proud of my son. Excited with him. Helped him put it on our tree. Let him turn it up. And hugged him back as he hopped around in excitement. This is what Christmas is about. Not that my silver tree has a sparkling, sequined, giant, gold star on it. But that my son is excited beyond words to pick out a yellow twinkle star. For his tree. To celebrate Christmas.

Then he was a robot in the box. I love this age! 
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