Friday, September 19, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 39 Weeks

September 19, 2014
Dear Asher:

This week you have been hilariously chatty. Constant babble and bouncing around the house as you pull up on every surface you can manage. You tried spaghetti squash this week and couldn't shovel it in fast enough, the same with butternut squash. I love watching your chubby fists get after your veggies. You've got banged up knees from all the quick crawling you've been doing. This includes booking it to the bathroom when daddy or I are showering, ripping open the curtain, and managing to almost completely crawl in to splash the water. Every time we end up pulling your already partially soaked body in with us and letting you splash to your hearts content. You just want to be where the action is. You are always a little lost when big brother is at school; I don't think you know what to do in the quiet, just us!

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