Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 37 Weeks

September 5, 2014

Dear Asher:

You crawled!!!! Finally! You just decided to take off and went from no movement to being able to book it around the house in no time. As a result, you got a hold of your brothers bath crayons before I could realize they were in your reach and managed to eat both the blue and red ones. You were one sneaky little bugger and happy about it. You love crawling to doors and swinging them, crawling to stalk after the dogs, and finding big brother. You crawl to anything that you can use to pull up and stand up on, sometimes unsteady things that can't hold you and you end up plopping down.  So far, your biggest nemesis is getting stuck under chairs: the kitchen chairs, desk chairs, anything with four legs. It's hilarious how mad and jammed in there you get! Love your cute tush bookin' it around. 

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