Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 23 Weeks

May 30, 2014

Dear Asher--

Sweet sweet boy, you have had a bit of a fussy week. You're going through a wonder week and all you want to do is cuddle and be held. When you've reached your limit, you are d.o.n.e. and just want your momma (or daddy). Your hair is really starting to fill in and you get comments all day, every day on how red it is! We still chuckle about having a little red headed boy; we just never expected it! You own it though and make it so cute. You are just adorable and I cannot get enough of all your soft, squishy parts. You also had your first dip in the pool this week and I'm not sure you knew what to think, although in your defense it was still a bit chilly. You'll love it. 

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