Friday, May 16, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 21 Weeks

May 16, 2014
Dear Asher,

This week has been crazy. We started out with your baptism, which was wonderful. You didn't fit in the suit your brother wore but you got to wear the Gilmore Christening gown, which was equally symbolic for us. You smiled when they poured the water over you, daddy thinks you got excited and thought it was bath time. Then mommy got really sick with an infection in her breast that had you really activated because your milk was hard to get. Then your first two teeth busted through in under 24 hours! Crazyness!! It is all happening so very fast, which I know I say all the time, but you really do seem less and less baby like. Plus you're now halfway into your 18 month clothes and most of your 12 month clothes are steadily being put into storage. Our big tank!

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