Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 15 Weeks

April 4, 2014

Dear Asher,

You are still trying so hard to get from back to front on a consistent basis, you get so stinking upset halfway there. But you love laying and talking to us, especially at night when it's quiet before bed. You splash like a crazy person in the bath now, often soaking Daddy pretty well. I can tell you are starting to teethe between the drool, the constant fingers in your mouth, and you are also using me as a chew toy when you get uncomfortable. We still can't see any little teeth poking up but the signs are all there. Hopefully you soldier through pretty easily. I don't know if it's teeth, the crazy weather, or something else but your sleeping pattern has really really regressed this week and it's a bit exhausting. You're waking up every 2.5 hours, then I just give up and bring you to bed after the second time. You'll sleep 4-5 hours curled up by my side. I wish I knew what it was. Hopefully you get back on your regular schedule soon.  

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