Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Update from Mommy Land

So I've been writing this post for a while in the notes section of my phone but obviously have failed miserably about finishing it.  Or I think about it at Asher's 3am feeding and no one wants to hear that half-coherent babble.  

Things are good.  The transition from one kid to two was amazingly easier than from zero to one.  It probably helps, as Coach likes to point out, that my diet doesn't have gluten or dairy in it--leading to a much easier (and less fussy and in pain) baby.  I think he's right, but Asher's general demeanor is just so much more chill than his brother and has been since he slipped out 3 1/2 months ago.  It really is stunning how different two kids created by the same people can be.  These boys are so different it blows my mind.

Lloyd's been pretty amazing, actually.  The boy is obsessed with "Asherssss" and love to kiss, hug, and talk to him.  Asher finds Lloyd incredibly fascinating, so I'm hoping this continues.  Other than the initial freak out L had when he came to the hospital (he was so confused and wouldn't hug me or Coach, cried, just awful!), the second we got home he's been better than I could have hoped.  Although Lloyd's exuberance has freaked A out a few times (ok a lot more than a few), it will be interesting to see how Lloyd reacts when A starts moving.  Which, given his current displays of tummy time will not be all that far off (sad panda!).  

My recovery this time was worlds better than with L.  Holy moly, a completely different experience.  I have my birth story about 1/2 way completed and I need to finish it. I've already forgotten so much. Whoops.  But A came out in 2 pushes, blew us away with that red hair, and has proceeded from that minute to be the sweetest little person I could have asked for.  My lady parts didn't receive the beating of my delivery with L, which made everything seem so much more manageable.  Which I was worried about. Very worried.  I wanted a quiet, peaceful delivery and I got it.  It was so amazing and it definitely helped start that crazy newborn phase off right.  We even managed to get into the swing of school and baby pretty well.  Thank.The.Lord.  With Lloyd I had Coach home for 2 1/2 months to help and it was a blessing since he was so difficult, this time Coach was home just under 2 weeks--during which we had Christmas and New Years--but the transition went pretty smoothly.  Those first days alone were terrifying and exhausting, but went better than I had hoped.  Seriously, Lloyd is amazing (I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop).  

Coach's soccer season was abysmal this year but he's home and it's finished at least.  Lloyd has been going with him to "soccer practice" on Saturdays since the weather has been decent (or at least tolerable) almost the whole season.  It's their special time together and Lloyd just loves it.  Some of the soccer players come out and they just all run around and play with L, wearing him out, then Coach and the big boy go to "special lunch".  He comes home beat but so happy.  I'm so incredibly grateful to have a husband who not only can do that, but came up with the idea himself and sincerely has as much fun as L does.  I've even dropped L off at Coach's school after preschool (when the High School is also finished) a couple times, and then L gets to go home "in Dadda's truck".  When will these little things not be exciting to him? I don't know, but I hope it's a long way off.  

Breastfeeding is wonderful.  The first two weeks were very difficult with A, not because of its frequency but because he had a latch issue that left me bleeding and in excruciating pain.  If I had been a lesser woman I would have given up, for sure.  I was in tears for a few days every single time he ate.  But we soldiered on and he's doing really great.  Obviously, he's so friggin' chunky! It's like I'm making heavy cream in these things! Because I gained a fraction of the weight I did with L I was pretty concerned about losing the weight too fast (it fell off with L and I was thankful in the end I'd gained every pound).  This time I haven't had the ravenous hunger I had with Lloyd, which was odd since I expected it, and the weight hasn't come down near as quickly.  I lost the initial 15 pounds then plateaued for a long time (almost 2 months!).  Then I gave up my sweet tooth for lent, immediately lost 3 pounds and then last week lost another 3 without changing a single thing.  So odd.  Giving up the sweets has been ridiculously hard, after these boys I get the most horrific sweet tooth, but I'm glad I did it.  It wasn't healthy for anyone.  Although now I'm somewhere between my fat post-pregnancy pants and my regular ones.  So I can only wear my fat jeans once and by the end of the day they're so baggy I have that incredibly sexy front fabric second-ass-pooch and my legs are swimming in fabric.  My hair also started to fall out around the second weight drop, so I think my hormones had a lot to do with it.  I'm so glad to finally be getting rid of this chia pet hair I've been sporting.  I can go back to conditioning like I normally used to since I don't have twice as much hair.  Yuck.  Although it's falling out in CHUNKS and I'm having to keep a broom in the bathroom.  I feel like there's got to be bald spots somewhere but Coach assures me there aren't.  Most of the hair that falls out is black and the stuff that stays is grey--whomp whomp.  No surprise there. 

Well I have to finish cleaning the bathroom since A is asleep in the car seat (what! I have a kid who does that??), and now I can say I finally finished this post.  At least I'm keeping up with the weekly baby posts. I love them. :)
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