Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 14 Weeks

March 28, 2014

Dear Asher,

My goodness, you hefty little chunk! You are so social it cracks me up. You love being held facing out to watch everyone and everything going on. You are getting much better at sitting up, you roll from front to back easily and almost have back to front figured out, and you just adore playing airplane. You smile and giggle the second someone lifts you up high; something your brother just hated, so it's fun to see your whole face light up when we zoom you around. Your rolls are so incredible you've had some drying out and chafing, which is a funny issue to have. I also put all your 9 month clothes away because we got tired of struggling to squeeze you into them. You looked a bit like an overstuffed sausage. A cute one though. :)

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