Monday, March 24, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 13 Weeks

March 21, 2014
Dear Asher,

Oh honey, the time seems to be slipping by so quickly. You are getting rapidly better at rolling over, even from back to front. You get so frustrated by getting stuck half way there on your side, with only your top leg stuck--unable to toss it over to complete the roll. Then you cry. Or if you do make it, the sudden change of view scares you as well. So much change, my love! Your control of your arms and hands is obvious now; especially as you constantly bring those tiny fists up to chew on--even in your sleep. Your smiles are still beautiful and pervasive, they bring me such joy to see. It is all happening too fast, I hate to see you grow older so quickly. We enjoy this time together you and I. My sweet happy boy.

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