Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Diary Take Two: 3 Months

March 20, 2014

Dear Asher,

Oh honey, you are the sweetest.  You are quite possibly the happiest baby on the planet and you fill our days with giggles and freely flowing smiles all day.  You hardly cry and you only fuss when you are hungry or dirty.  You keep me in awe of your happy demeanor all day long.  It is impossible to have a bad day with your bright face peering up at me, finding such peace in our time together.  It is already going so quickly, these baby times; you scare yourself as you try to roll over and get stuck halfway.  You love to sit up and stand, pumping your chubby little legs to stay vertical.  You are a little over 17 pounds and just shy of 26 inches, roughly.  You are growing so fast.  Your brother can always make you smile.  You know your Daddy's voice better than any other and love to hear him when he comes home from work.  I just love getting lost in your sweet rolls, your heavenly scent, and your beautiful and easy attitude.  You are the brightness in these long days my love.  


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