Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 8 Weeks

February 14, 2014
Dear Asher,

This week has been pretty quiet here until the end when you headed into our second Wonder Week. Already you're temporarily the little fusspot; constantly wanting to be held, hating the car seat, and just wanting to camp out on mommy. This too shall pass. We can already see you changing though.You are tracking voices and people not only with your eyes but your entire head, now that your vision is better and you have better head control. Your smiles are so infectious, you hand them out like the best valentines day presents ever. You smile and chat to us all the time now; even in the mornings when you "help" me get Lloyd dressed and ready for the day, you look around, talk, smile, and even get lots of hugs from Lloyd. He just loves you to pieces. He is always wanting to see you, kiss you, and show you things. In not too long you will be playing together--it will be fun to watch. 

Love you lots,

Happy Valentines!

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