Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mommy Diary Take Two: 5 Weeks

January 24, 2014
Dear Asher-

Sweet boy, we are obviously heading into our first wonder week and it's already exhausting. You are suddly extremely fussy, sleeping poorly during the day, constantly wanting to be held, and so in characteristically upset for no reason. On the flip side, you are awake a bit more and love watching things within your range of vision. You are such a cuddle monster, it's hard to be too flustered by you. You also are primarily in all 6 month clothes now, already! You do seem to be built like your Momma, so you can still wear the 3 month pants but all your onesies are the larger size. We weighed you here at home and by the end of the week you have almost made it to 13 pounds; I think you might end up being bigger than your brother if you keep this up! Our tiny tank; you sure are solid! 


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