Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Biting the Tail: Conversations with Lloyd

So yesterday after picking Lloyd up from school he wanted to finish his graham cracker bunnies from snack time. So I buckle him in, hand him the bag, and off we go. Not 3 minutes into the drive home and he's talking non-stop so I'm half paying attention trying to get onto the highway. Until I hear this:

"Momma!! I gunna bite the butt."
"What Lloyd?"
"Eat the butt! I eat the butt!"

So I glance behind me and, sure enough, he's holding the bunny graham by its head and the butt is gone. He's smiling like a maniac. 

"Oh, Ok Lloyd. You eating the Bunny's butt? Does it taste good?"
"Yup. I like bunnies for snack."

More chatter. Then:

"Momma.... Can I eat the bunny's tail too?"
"You betcha! Go ahead bubba."
"Ok, thanks Mom."

Where do they get this stuff???? Haha! I was shaking with laughter! 
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