Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big Brother Talks

Today after bible study Lloyd and I had this conversation after I had to push on my belly to get baby A out of my ribs so I could even bend over to unbuckled Lloyd's car seat. Totally cracked me up! 

Lloyd: A---- kicking mommy?
Me: Yes it hurts.
Lloyd (to the belly): A----! Bad choice!!! No kick! Bad choice!!!
Me: You're right! He shouldn't kick mommy! 
Lloyd: Time out? A---- time out, bad choices! 

Can you tell what we were telling him and where he spent a lot of time yesterday? Haha. We have had some regular 2-year old behavior issues (aka not listening) following what we are thinking was a minor gluten exposure (bad behavior, then no eating followed by stomach cramps and bad diarrhea). Today has already been remarkably better following the diarrhea so it must be almost out of his system. It's amazing how much just a small exposure turns this boy into a different child. There are so many skeptics out there but if you are an attentive parent and take the trouble to have a child diagnosed instead of writing a half dozen symptoms off as independent, the chances are truly remarkable. 

So glad to have my sweet, happy, fun boy back. We have learned our lesson: Lloyd now has his own jar of peanut butter. Coach made the one time mistake of spreading his gluten bread sandwich pb second after the jelly and just that little bit of cross-contamination was enough. Not enough to cause all the bloody stools, debilitating craps, bleeding rash, vomiting, and bloody stools we had a few weeks ago from a massive exposure. But bad enough to change his behavior. 

He's going to be the best big brother. Rocks his baby doll in Baby A's rocker, puts him in the car seat, changes his diaper, try's to nurse him (haha!), and readys him stories. It's so sweet to watch. We will have our challenges ahead, but this boy is going to be great. I can't wait to watch them grow together. :)

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