Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lloyd's First Day of Preschool

I know some people think it's bizarre that we have put Lloyd in a 2-day a week preschool at our church.  Here's my answer: at 2 years old our son is desperate for more learning and interaction.  He does so much better with it. He looks forward to it and enjoys it immensely.  He is a 2 year old boy, he needs to start learning how to sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher now so we don't have the "do we hold him back? do we chance it?" problem.  

So here is my little goob, didn't even care that I left (obviously, see photo #3).

So far, the most challenging thing is what to pack for lunch and nap time there totally screws with our day.  But yay, he's loving it already.
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