Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Few Precious Weeks

In just, what are really, a few more weeks this little person will be a big brother.  I had tears running down my face this afternoon after he crawled in bed with me during my nap and fell asleep.  It was all I could do to bury my face in his sweet neck and hold on tight. These precious moments are passing too quickly; this baby of mine grows up too fast and it is about to get exponentially more grown-up once we add a new baby to his life.

I have sibling guilt I guess. We knew we wanted more, prayed and prayed, but simultaneously I feel so guilty taking away from it just being the 3 of us.  He was our first blessing.  My tiny little baby.  Now he'll be a big brother and it won't just be the tiny family that he made us into.  This little child made us a family.  Sometimes I can truly see how some can stop at 1; but for us, we feel incomplete as a whole.  Even though it is hard to turn his world around.  I just wish he was old enough to really remember our time as just a family of 3.  Because it has been so incredible.

He's going to be such a wonderful big brother. He kisses Baby A all the time, hugs my belly, asks me if Baby A kicks me when I have that "ouch child, not the ribs" look on my face.  He's so sensitive, so loving, so empathetic that I know he was meant to be the oldest.  But it still breaks my heart.  

Looks like I have some special "mommy and me" and "daddy and me" days to plan before little man arrives.  That and to finally work on the presents Baby A will be "giving" him in the hospital.  Boy are they cute once I get them done. 

Sweet boy, still don't grow up too fast. You will always be my baby. 
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