Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Funny Boy

Is my kid the only one who has days when he is an absolute riot from sun up to sun down? Seriously, he's killing it today. Here's a selection:

Get home from Spouts, I am cooking lunch so we sit down on the couch to cool off. He launches himself up and starts frantically pulling his pants down.
Lloyd: "Momma, done wit pants."
Momma: "ok hold on and come here, you still have shoes on. Can you get it off by yourself?"
Lloyd: completely frantic "MOMMA!!! Done wit PANNNNTTTTSSSSSSSS!!!"
Like I'm torturing him with them. Weird naked child! 

As we are getting in bed from choosing our nap time book:
Lloyd: BURP "'scuse me's"
Mommy: suppressing laughter
Lloyd: "wanna cuddah. Lay momma's arm" lays down "Cuddah on mommahs boobies."
Momma: eye roll. Curses Coach silently.

I woke up from falling asleep next to him (hello, pregnant). He rolls over:
Lloyd: "...More fries" burrows face in pillow

P.S. 'Fries' consists of any toasted vegetable in stick shape. Although today they were sweet potatoes with lunch. 

What a guy. So funny!
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