Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crazy Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy brain is a real and scary thing. So is nesting. And the nesting bug has hit. Here's what I did this morning:
  • Started diapers
  • Got Lloyd up and breakfasted
  • Put diapers out to dry
  • Stripped the bed, changed the sheets, put sheets in the dryer
  • Baking soda carpets in A's room and Lloyd's room--vinegar'd the stains
  • Put sheets in dryer, quilt in washer with bath mat
  • Vacuumed carpets (yuck!)
  • Mopped up bathrooms
  • Quilt in dryer, mat outside, and dog blanket in washer
  • Put my clothes away and tidied up Lloyd's closet
  • Get Lunch cooking and enjoy sitting with Lloyd as he demolishes his lunch
  • Get blanker in the dryer and quilt on the bed
  • Off to Costco!

I was exhausted but it felt good to get all that done. Lloyd was great and was very helpful and playful all morning--enabling me to actually get that all done. But after dinner was a hilarious chain of mental events that Coach was rolling his eyes at.
  1. Thinking about birthday cake and how yummy the one I'm going to get is going to be.
  2. Start thinking about how easy it would probably be to make a gluten free angel food cake--the cake we always had growing up.
  3. Thinking about how Lloyd can't have it and what I would do about all the left over egg yolks.
  4. Think about making him pudding.
  5. Get out of bed and start making pudding.
  6. Notice how nasty the vent grate is on our stove and how I wish it came off. 
  7. Figured out how to take it off. Put it in the sink with soap and boiling water. Scrub.
  8. Continue mixing pudding.
  9. Spray down stove and scrub off grease from grate.
  10. Finish pudding.
  11. Leave grate to soak overnight.
  12. Ignore husbands rolling eyes.
  13. Eat pudding.

Haha. Oh pregnancy!
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