Monday, July 1, 2013

The First Trimester: To Sum Up

Unlike our pregnancy in the fall, this sweet baby mimics his/her brother almost identically in symptoms. Which helped to reassure just about everyone but me. If anything this time I felt worse because the zofran I took so liberally with Lloyd didn't work. I took it 3 times total because while it took away the presenting nausea I still was unable to eat, had horrible blood pressure issues (too low, as usual), and spent the next 2 days laid up in bed with horrific cramps that rendered me unable to stand. Then the Intestinal fall-out left me crying in excruciating pain and dehydrated so badly I was close to passing out from the low bp, dehydration, and pain.  Coach ended up scooping me off the kitchen floor the day after Mother's Day (when I'd taken one to hide my pregnancy from the huge extended family) because I collapsed, on my way to get water, from the cramps. 
Soooo instead I lost 12 pounds by 10 weeks (aka in about 4-5 weeks of pregnancy--about 7% of my weight) and I still had 3-5 weeks to go before I felt better. Interestingly my uterus poked out early, around 6-7 weeks, and between my growing belly and gas (oh the gas!!) I was looking a lot more pregnant in the mirror than I actually was. And I was in maternity pants full time by about 6 weeks, my abdomen was so sensitive to being squished! So basically I just stopped weighing myself and avoided looking in the mirror at all the jagged bones protruding from my body. Depressing. But my OB wasn't so worried since I'd had such a big baby and I made up the weight loss eventually with Lloyd. Plus, once I finally consented to having the 1st trimester blood screenings at 10 weeks I showed up with a mildly elevated thyroid (weird since hypo or low thyroid runs on both sides of my family), which I ended up reading may contribute to people having severe morning sickness. Awesome. 
Not that it changed my inability to eat (I'd make dinner and then go lay in bed so I didn't smell it when the boys were eating) or general disdain for food. Fruit always went down, yay zero calories, and various other things sounded good week to week and I'd eat them right before I'd fall asleep, still horizontal in bed. Imagine plates piled on my nightstand. But it was all that worked because I'd be starved from not eating since breakfast and if I went to bed hungry I would wake up at 3 am dry heaving stomach acid. Pregnancy is beautiful my ass. The baby is beautiful, pregnancy not so much. 
But once I was able to find his heartbeat on my Doppler easily I finally allowed myself to go a "normal" distance between OB appointments by compromising with my addled mind and allowing myself to check the heartbeat twice a week (usually Sunday and Thursday), each time his little rhythm was around 171bpm, just like at the doctors office. While I still would have preferred the weekly sonograms I was getting, I know it was a good thing to be on a regular schedule. I finally dreamed about my Christmas baby and I relaxed a bit. I keep waiting to start feeling this baby move, my favorite part. 
12lbs down
By about 12 weeks I was getting energy back (while simultaneously still tired, explain that unless you're pregnant) and feeling better.  My good days were nice and pretty normal for mild nausea, but I still had bad days that were worse than before--thank the Lord Coach was also done with school and picked up the slack with Lloyd that week.  By 13 I was feeling overall pretty decent, which shocked me since I continued to be pretty dang ill with Lloyd until about 16 weeks.  Which was probably also related to Mom dying during my 15th week and all that stress.  So I'm feeling pretty good as we chug along here.  Hoping that all this weight will come back on soon.  
14 lbs down, yes that is all baby!
So that's ABC's first trimester. I have been writing him/her letters just like with Lloyd and I'll probably try to get them published in the next few weeks once I get caught up on housework (uhg, it's so gross around here) and sewing for people who offered to buy projects off me and have been patiently waiting 8 weeks for them.  And a graduation quilt for Coach's cousin.  Man what a lazy, gestating bum.

So excited for this baby.  The little outfit I bought him on clearance at Gap is so adorable and I cannot wait to have him/her in it.  It was my one impulse buy of the first trimester, my one day of weakness and I regretted it for weeks thinking I'd jinxed myself.  So precious.  A winter baby. :)

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