Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 9 Weeks

Wednesday May 22, 2013

9 Weeks

Sweet pea-

This week had a lot of ups and downs. The sickness is either debilitating or livable, but it's one or the other.  We were able to hear you on the Doppler this week and your heartbeat is so fast, just like your brother.  I feel so sure you are a boy! I have lost a lot of weight and although I am trying to eat, it is a losing battle most days.  Things that taste amazing one day make me gag the next.  At night time Momma looks very pregnant and I keep looking forward to getting to feel you move around.  It is so magical once that happens! 

We love you,
Momma and Dadda

  • Cantaloupe (has a nasty taste)
  • All meat
  • Waffles, homemade, every night before bed slathered in peanut butter
  • Fruit snacks
  • Blueberries
  • Bagels
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