Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 13 Weeks

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

13 Weeks

Dear Sweet Pea-

Oh sweetie, thank you.  I am feeling worlds better every day! My energy levels have come way up and although lunch is still hit-or-miss we have been eating breakfast and dinner with the family every night.  Plus there has been so much to catch up on around the house I hadn't had the energy to do, it's been wonderful to feel more like myself.  Although my major issue this week has been excruciating hip pain, that seems to be improving with a few trips to the chiropractor. I love you so much.

Always thinking of you,


  • Nectarines

Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 12 Weeks

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12 Weeks

Sweet pea-

Man, the start of this week was the worst so far. Luckily your dad was home because I didn't get out of bed for almost 3 days; I was so brutally sick.  Nausea, dizziness, dry heaving, muscle cramps, and whole body weakness--just debilitating.  Once I felt a bit better my muscles started hurting and my belly exploded forward this week. You must have needed all mommy's energy for a growth spurt, because that seems to have happened! We are so excited to almost be at the end of this nerve wracking first trimester and start announcing your arrival! You are going to be so unbelievably loved, you have no idea.



  • Grilled bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers
  • Cherries
  • Lays chips
  • Corn on the cob

Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two, 11 Weeks

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11 Weeks


Oh boy.  Or girl. Momma started to get a little energy back this week even though she still feels pretty nauseated and sleepy.  It has been nice to catch up on a few things around the house.  It is still hard to eat much and I am trying my best to not lose weight.  It seems like it was a pretty quiet week for you since not much has really changed.  We love you, keep growing!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 10 Weeks

Wednesday May 29, 2013

10 Weeks

Sweet pea-

Another week down! Mom is getting a little energy back but still is tired at the end of the day. Despite all my best efforts I have also lost 10 pounds with all the nausea and loss of appetite, but the belly has continued to grow! The standard medicine to help me feel better makes me even more sick this time, so I haven't had much relief.  Daddy lets me sleep and relax during the weekend so I feel better for a few days, but then it goes downhill fast towards the next weekend.  The doctor found your heartbeat early in the week on her Doppler--you have gotten so big--and it was 171bpm!  Your Miece was visibly disappointed when we told her because to her that means a boy and I think she really wants you to be a girl. Daddy and I don't care but your Dad is really excited to find out either way.  Just keep growing safely in there and I will try to eat more veggies for you.


  • All vegetables
  • Meat
  • BBQ (the smell alone!)
  • Cantaloupe
  • Tuna fish (tuna salad!)
  • Apples (often with peanut butter)
  • Mineral water
  • Fruit snacks

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy and Productive Week

Man, this is Coach's last week of summer vacation and as usual we save all our stinkin' stuff to the last minute. Typical. But on the plus side it has been one of those weeks where you go to bed feeling very accomplished!

Sunday my father in law extraordinaire came over to help Coach move the shelves out of what is officially going to transform into the nursery soon. So down they went, holes were patched, an up into the new study/guest room.
Monday we spent all day (mostly) swimming at Aunt Debbie's house and holy Moley, the last few weeks Lloyd has gotten so brave in the water. We invested in a pair of puddle jumpers and that boy wanted to "kick" all over that pool. 4+ hours later and not only was he swimming he was blowing bubbles, jumping in off the sides, and jumping off the diving board (to a waiting daddy) and not minding getting his face totally submerged. HUGE improvement! He is such a fish!

Tuesday they were supposed to start texturing but they never called to start and I am completely done chasing down this contractor. So I put in a call to the gentleman who did our bathroom texture and he said he's so busy he can't get us in until the first week of SEPTEMBER!!! NOOOOO!!! So he penciled us in and I got my FIL looking for other options at his work (he's a master electrician for one of the big DFW cities and there's always painters working for the city who might want some extra money). We did finally haul our dining chairs over to the upholsterer too, she lives quite a ways into Fort Worth. It'll be about a month probably but with Coach starting football today, who know when he would have the chance to take them. Her shop had some pretty gorgeous pieces being worked on so I felt reassured taking them to her (despite a glowing recommendation from a trusted family friend I was still uneasy) in the strange old neighborhood they were located in. I cannot wait to see them all fixed up! The before, hurl, was bad thanks to my moms cat practically living her last days on one of the end chairs. Nasty!
A massive trip to Trader Joes, then I made a double batch of spaghetti sauce to can (about 8 jars) because we are totally out--groan. Also threw some thawed frozen blacked beans I made months ago into the Ninja to make some black bean dip/refried beans. They turned out so good Lloyd ended up eating a bowl before I could get dinner on the table! I've been loving refried beans lately--at a New Mexican restaurant we ordered fajitas and I got an extra side of beans an rice because I inhaled the first plate and it tasted so good. Coach just laughed because I'm only like that when pregnant: nothing tastes good and I have no appetite but when something tastes good I eat TONS of it until I'm over it again. Weighed myself, only 5 pounds left to get back to prepregnancy weight--it's working!

Wednesday our day was thrown off by Lloyd's very delayed (aka momma forgot to schedule it) 2 year old drs appointment. We waited a lot longer than normal but finally saw the doctor and he is doing great, was a champ through his final vaccination for a while.  But it tossed our errand running time down the drain and we just went home for lunch. He has slowed down on his height but weight has stayed right on curve (he now about 65-75% for both). We now have to carry an epi-pen for him, just in case his food allergies ever become worse than his normal rash/hives/digestive hell. Poor bubba.
 We ran a massive trip to Costco after nap time because somehow we ran out of everything we buy there all at the same time--I hate when that happens! 

Thursday I sent Coach off to the glass/mirror shop by himself (what, why wouldn't I want to haul a toddler there?? Haha) while we went to a play date with friends. He was able to order the new glass shelves for my Moms hutch for a very reasonable price, and we pick up TODAY! So I can finally put Moms china away and out of the armoire that will go into Lloyd's room when we move the crib's matching dresser into the nursery. Yay, progress!

Lloyd ran off some steam and did some major playing while I caugh up with some of my favorite Moms. I'm so ready for school to start and bible study to begin again so we can get back in our regular weekly meet-ups, I miss seeing all my friends regularly throughout the week. The summer is just crazy! I miss my friends. 

As I was cooking dinner that night a painter who works with my father-in-law stopped by to look at the kitchen walls. He left and after dinner called us with an almost identical quote to the other contractor and he wanted to start Friday morning!! DONE!

Friday after a horrific nights sleep the painters show up and start taping everything off. The wallpaper that I stopped removing because chunks of Sheetrock were coming off, came off easy for these dudes (UHG) and by 3pm they'd removed, patched, and mudded the whole kitchen. They textured the entire room, a section in the laundry room, and the wall in the nursery where the shelves were. 
Saturday they came back and finished up the paint. It looked incredible, I was so excited to see the space look how of always wanted it to. It only took us living here 3 1/2 years! I was dying to finish putting things back together but it took us the entire night just to clean up all the construction dust. Man that stuff gets everywhere. Once we get it finished and decorated I will post final photos, but here's the paint preview! 
Drool. One day we'll replace all these damaged and stained base boards. But this is a huge improvement. Huge!

Saturday/Sunday morning Lloyd spent the night barfing so we didn't make it to church. We made a much needed run to the Asian grocery and I spent the day cooking and peeling crawfish for the freezer, then making crawfish stock, and cooking shrimp Ettoufée for dinner. Exhausted. 

What a week!! Coach goes in for football today and so this week will constist mostly of keeping Lloyd occupied so I don't hear "want Dadda" 800 times a day. So off to the waterpark we go!! I'm already pooped. ;) 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 9 Weeks

Wednesday May 22, 2013

9 Weeks

Sweet pea-

This week had a lot of ups and downs. The sickness is either debilitating or livable, but it's one or the other.  We were able to hear you on the Doppler this week and your heartbeat is so fast, just like your brother.  I feel so sure you are a boy! I have lost a lot of weight and although I am trying to eat, it is a losing battle most days.  Things that taste amazing one day make me gag the next.  At night time Momma looks very pregnant and I keep looking forward to getting to feel you move around.  It is so magical once that happens! 

We love you,
Momma and Dadda

  • Cantaloupe (has a nasty taste)
  • All meat
  • Waffles, homemade, every night before bed slathered in peanut butter
  • Fruit snacks
  • Blueberries
  • Bagels

Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 8 Weeks

Wednesday May 15, 2013

Week 8

Sweet pea-

This week, boy, you are thriving. I know because I haven't eaten dinner with your Dad or brother in days.  I am trying desperately to not loose too much weight but its difficult between the nausea and chasing your crazy brother around.  I hope one day you can keep him on his toes, I would love to see that.  The doctor continues to say you look great and right on time for our Christmas due date.  I feel bad you might have to share your birthday with such a big holiday, but it will be so exciting to have you here.  Please arrive safely, we love you so much.


  • All protein
  • Anything with smell

  • Fruit
  • Waffles
  • Smoothies

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 7 Weeks

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 7

Hello sweet pea-

You are getting so big! Hard to believe how fast you are growing already, your sonogram this week showed us so much more than the tiny flicker last week.  Your heart was beating so fast--158bpm--which just makes us think you're a boy floating in there.  You're making mommy really sick, which is fantastic! I'm so grateful for all the challenges you are already giving us.  I already look a good 4 weeks more pregnant than I did with your brother at this time, which is crazy.  You have got lots of room to grow my sweet.  Keep beating away, we cannot wait to hold you safe and sound! 


  • Peanut butter puffs cereal before bed
  • I've been making myself a shake to drink in bed every morning and the cold seems to help start the day better. However, it means Lloyd watches a movie in the big bed almost every day before we get moving. I feel guilty but it's the best I can do right now. 
  • I've given up and gone to maternity pants, only problem is I was barely pregnant with Lloyd during summer and was HUGE so the 2 pairs of shorts I have are massive and definitely won't ever fit.  I'm going to have to buy some. Which stinks. 
  • So much gas! Painful, so painful. I'm going to have to start taking something for it, which I loathe doing but I don't have a choice.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Diary Take Two: 6 Weeks


6 weeks

My sweet blessing,

Well well, you seem to be settling in nicely! Only 2 short weeks ago we found out you were coming and between being terrified of losing you and the excitement of your impending arrival, it seems you are doing so well. We saw your heart flickering away this week. You are so incredibly small in there it boggles my mind what you will become. The sickness has started in full force and it is amazing how much you are taking after your brother. You are not a fan of anything with a smell. But you are one spicy little burrito wrapped up tight in there–I've eaten a jar of jalapeños just since your conception. They taste amazing on everything. Daddy finds this hilarious. Keep growing, please. Get big and strong.

We love you so much,

  • BBQ (particularly the SMELL of it)
  • Chicken
  • All leftovers
  • Jalapeños–on everything, and I mean everything
  • Grapefruit
  • Sandwiches
  • Second doctors visit and second ultrasound showed your heart flickering away inside me. So relieved.
  • “Morning” sickness started right on the dot at 5w5d as usual. I've only been this sick with Lloyd. It is all day and all night.
  • Debilitating exhaustion. Napping with Lloyd every single day. And total coma at night, unable to stay awake past 9:30. 
  • Belly is so sensitive I've given up on regular jeans with the Bella band. It's just not worth the enormous discomfort when you're chasing after a toddler all day. Although I feel ridiculous busting them out at 6 weeks.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Second Time Around

Starting tomorrow my journal entries from this first bit of my pregnancy will begin posting. It'll take a few weeks for them to catch up to where we are now (16 weeks! What!), but I really loved doing it for Lloyd and think it is important for ABC as well. 

It's been a really difficult week around here, so it's been nice to try and think about how far we have come.  I've basically stopped sleeping well. Last week after the due date passed for our baby in the fall I had a hard time mourning the loss of that sweet angel all over again. Then these horrific and vivid nightmares started, keeping me awake and ruining the entire nights sleep.  I might fall asleep ok (might), but once I wake up from these terrible dreams I never sleep well if at all.  I don't know how to make them stop again, I am so exhausted. Which means my emotions have also been incredibly out of whack and I've spent the past several days in intermittent tears. 

On the plus side I feel the baby move almost every day now and I love that feeling. I know soon I will have knees in my ribs constantly, and as painful as it was with Lloyd it will be great to stop worrying as much as I am. I'm so ready to hold this baby, I am not handling this pregnancy very well emotionally. 

Is it December yet? Man I need to get on the nursery! Yikes!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Indications of Insanity: For Your Enjoyment

Signs this crazy woman is in the first trimester uglies:

  • I'm eating eggs. Almost daily. (And I HATE eggs)
  • I'm the carb queen.
  • Chicken makes me turn green.
  • I can eat breakfast for almost every meal. And sometimes do.
  • The absolute inability to eat 95% of leftovers.
  • If I actually meet you for a meal, I am incredibly specific in my restaurant request. (Whereas I usually could care less or am 100% flexible)
  • Every restaurant I want has French fries on the menu.
  • And that's all you notice I eat of my meal.
  • If I am able to make dinner, it's 80% done in the afternoon. I don't eat it or eat very little. Then I eat cereal, eggs, or something breakfasty and fast right before bed.
  • Cereal bowls are found in the sink in the morning. And not the same one I ate before bed. *if seen, anticipate being asked to come home early because I have been laying on the cold tile all day and house has been hit by a tornado toddler*
  • Bottles of zofran can be found in every room, by the bed, in the diaper bag, and in the car. All only have 1 pill left being saved for "a really bad day"--husband continues to mumble "this is a good day?"
  • With the exception of the belly, I look like a hollow-eyed, anorexic refuge.
  • Your produce bill explodes. All of it fruit. I won't share.
  • I avoid the scale because the weight-loss makes me terrified and feel incredibly guilty.
  • There are even more tissues around the house than allergy season. All used. No energy to pick them up. Constant nasty drippy nose. Constant.
  • The term gassy doesn't begin to describe how your insides feel. Husband teases you relentlessly. I am in constant discomfort at the end of the day from it.
  • And I'm so incredibly relieved to be this sick. Inside I'm relishing all the illness and thanking God I'm able to live through these agonizing weeks. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Conversations With Lloyd

Earlier this week when Jon was off taking care of stuff and we were at the house Lloyd was having a hilarious day. Two years old is challenging but he's such a total goob that its totally worth it! 

I walk into the bathroom.
"I poopah, I stink Dadda."
"I poopah down, I stink like my Dadda. Dadda poopah stink. I like my Dadda."
*I am shaking with laughter*

Later that day...
*loud monkey noses, screaming, monkey noises* 
"Hah hah, I funny."

This boy.... So hilarious. 

The First Trimester: To Sum Up

Unlike our pregnancy in the fall, this sweet baby mimics his/her brother almost identically in symptoms. Which helped to reassure just about everyone but me. If anything this time I felt worse because the zofran I took so liberally with Lloyd didn't work. I took it 3 times total because while it took away the presenting nausea I still was unable to eat, had horrible blood pressure issues (too low, as usual), and spent the next 2 days laid up in bed with horrific cramps that rendered me unable to stand. Then the Intestinal fall-out left me crying in excruciating pain and dehydrated so badly I was close to passing out from the low bp, dehydration, and pain.  Coach ended up scooping me off the kitchen floor the day after Mother's Day (when I'd taken one to hide my pregnancy from the huge extended family) because I collapsed, on my way to get water, from the cramps. 
Soooo instead I lost 12 pounds by 10 weeks (aka in about 4-5 weeks of pregnancy--about 7% of my weight) and I still had 3-5 weeks to go before I felt better. Interestingly my uterus poked out early, around 6-7 weeks, and between my growing belly and gas (oh the gas!!) I was looking a lot more pregnant in the mirror than I actually was. And I was in maternity pants full time by about 6 weeks, my abdomen was so sensitive to being squished! So basically I just stopped weighing myself and avoided looking in the mirror at all the jagged bones protruding from my body. Depressing. But my OB wasn't so worried since I'd had such a big baby and I made up the weight loss eventually with Lloyd. Plus, once I finally consented to having the 1st trimester blood screenings at 10 weeks I showed up with a mildly elevated thyroid (weird since hypo or low thyroid runs on both sides of my family), which I ended up reading may contribute to people having severe morning sickness. Awesome. 
Not that it changed my inability to eat (I'd make dinner and then go lay in bed so I didn't smell it when the boys were eating) or general disdain for food. Fruit always went down, yay zero calories, and various other things sounded good week to week and I'd eat them right before I'd fall asleep, still horizontal in bed. Imagine plates piled on my nightstand. But it was all that worked because I'd be starved from not eating since breakfast and if I went to bed hungry I would wake up at 3 am dry heaving stomach acid. Pregnancy is beautiful my ass. The baby is beautiful, pregnancy not so much. 
But once I was able to find his heartbeat on my Doppler easily I finally allowed myself to go a "normal" distance between OB appointments by compromising with my addled mind and allowing myself to check the heartbeat twice a week (usually Sunday and Thursday), each time his little rhythm was around 171bpm, just like at the doctors office. While I still would have preferred the weekly sonograms I was getting, I know it was a good thing to be on a regular schedule. I finally dreamed about my Christmas baby and I relaxed a bit. I keep waiting to start feeling this baby move, my favorite part. 
12lbs down
By about 12 weeks I was getting energy back (while simultaneously still tired, explain that unless you're pregnant) and feeling better.  My good days were nice and pretty normal for mild nausea, but I still had bad days that were worse than before--thank the Lord Coach was also done with school and picked up the slack with Lloyd that week.  By 13 I was feeling overall pretty decent, which shocked me since I continued to be pretty dang ill with Lloyd until about 16 weeks.  Which was probably also related to Mom dying during my 15th week and all that stress.  So I'm feeling pretty good as we chug along here.  Hoping that all this weight will come back on soon.  
14 lbs down, yes that is all baby!
So that's ABC's first trimester. I have been writing him/her letters just like with Lloyd and I'll probably try to get them published in the next few weeks once I get caught up on housework (uhg, it's so gross around here) and sewing for people who offered to buy projects off me and have been patiently waiting 8 weeks for them.  And a graduation quilt for Coach's cousin.  Man what a lazy, gestating bum.

So excited for this baby.  The little outfit I bought him on clearance at Gap is so adorable and I cannot wait to have him/her in it.  It was my one impulse buy of the first trimester, my one day of weakness and I regretted it for weeks thinking I'd jinxed myself.  So precious.  A winter baby. :)