Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Might Have A Boy If...

1.  This is a frequent occurrence and topic of conversation:
"Yes Bubba"
"I farted down. BAD."

2.  Part of your night ritual is picking up toy cars, play tools, and every flashlight in the house.

3.  The words "LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!" Fly out of your mouth regularly. No explanation needed.

4.  You never, ever, bring enough snacks--even if he ate an adult portioned lunch. 

5.  You are repeatedly informed who in the house poops. "Dadda, at work. Dadda come home, poops." "Momma, [pause] go poop?"

6.  You have to return a toy and he sees a toy chainsaw and throws an ever-loving-fit. So much for that educational toy you had had your eye on, not worth the screaming. Then this happens through Costco because it happens to be one of "those" parenting days:

7.  You already dread puberty (see #3).

8.  You are already an expert at applying butterfly's.

9.  No matter what you do or offer him to play with, everything is a gun. Even stuff that isn't even close. 

10.  You get the sweetest cuddles and kisses on this earth.

Being a boy mom is the best! I cannot imagine anything better!

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