Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Second Birthday Lil' Bear

(Somewhere in the insanity of early pregnancy I forgot to hit publish on this.  Here's my letter to him when he turned one, too)

June 15, 2013

My little bear-

Goodness gravy child, slow down! You are a growing, moving, changing little boy.  You don't ever look like a baby any more; you are so acrive and curious--and goodness are you smart.  Your Daddy and I can barely keep up. I mean you started potty training yourself at 17 months and are fully trained by 2 years! Unheard of! What took you so long was your total fear or pooping--you would waddle around tehhouse moning "poop poop" and squeezing your butt cheeks together. Then you finally gave in just a few short weeks ago and the next day we heard "Momma! Suckah!! Suckah!! Poopah down!!"  screamed accross the house from your bathroom.  We were laughing so hard I had a difficult time unwrapping your sucker treat. What a hoot you are!

There are so many aspects of your personality I see from your Dad and Aunt Caitlin--it somehow makes up for being my mini-clone.  There is a little mischievous twinkle in your now hazel eyes that we distinctly remember from your namesake--genetics is a scary thing my love.  But you are also so incredibly affectionate.  You ask to "cuddah" (cuddle) all the time and whenever you et picked up after a very exuberant "up, peeease!" you give wonderful hugs.  You still tuck perfectly into my side and are most comfortable sleeping, napping, and reading books there. Although your body now reaches from my shoulder to my knees! When you used to nurse in that position you barely reached my hip and it reminds me every time how quickly you have changed. I love this age but it is already such a difference--you have to be so busy and entertained.  We have started going crafts and baking and I htink you enjoy the mess it creates the most.  Boys.  :)

Your Dad and I keep thinking about how much we will miss this age. You are so fun and keep us laughing with your goofy personality.  Yet, still, you retain our favorite aspects of being a baby--your cuddling, your wonder at all things, the baby giggles, the way you rub your eyes when you are sleepy, the sound of your tiny feet slapping on the hardwoods every morning when you wake before I hear "MOMMA!" and you come cuddle in bed, and your cute and tiny butt prancing around the house (you hate underwear).  But I love the imagination, active play, independence, flexibility, and communication this age has begun.  How much you change! What an amazing man you will become. 

We are so blessed to be your parents, 

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