Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First ER Visit

Well last night marked the first time Lloyd required an ER visit.  During his shower he fell, still no idea how or why, and hit the back of his head on the tile lip/step into the shower. Effectively breaking open a 1" gash, square center in the back of his head.  Ironically I had just trimmed his hair with the clippers. Poor guy.

So I run in once I hear that particular brand of scream only a mommy knows (Coach was with him in the shower the whole time).  There they are, Coach holding Lloyd (dripping, both) as blood is mixing with the water and dripping all over the floor and bath mat.  Man head wounds bleed so much.  So I start tearing open 4x4's and mopping up blood trying to just find the source.  At first it looked like the base of his scull but it was just pooling there.  It took a few minutes of pretty fierce pressure to finally get a look at the actual wound and yeesh.  Poor kid.  I think Coach might have forgotten to dry off in his panic but (hilariously) I was the calm one and just gave orders. We managed to scoop Lloyd in his car seat ( I longed for the 1970's and the lack of safety concerns, won't lie) and I applied pressure to the still very much bleeding head while he was completely calm watching a movie on the iPad.  

The closest children's hospital is in downtown Fort Worth and is excellent, but took us 20-25 minutes (Coach said it felt more like an hour. Poor guy).  And holy moly, I do not know why people would ever take their kid to a regular ER--the extra time in the car was immediately made up when absolutely no patients were visible in the waiting room and they get you evaluated by pediatric nurses the second you walk in. Bubbles were blown, stickers given, and the tickle monster might have even procured a few giggles. And we weren't asked to give anything, sign anything, pay our copay until they had him stabilized and we were waiting to see the doctor.  I was so impressed with everyone there. We still had to wait (we were 2 of 5 head wounds waiting stitches/staples, nurse said toddler head wounds are one of the biggest things they see--shocker) but were constantly updated, entertained, and checked on.  

Lloyd screamed when they put the blood pressure cuff on (seriously kid?) and then only once they held him against Coach to staple his head.  He was such a champ! So incredibly brave.  5 staples! And because I am a genius I remembered he would be unable to eat by of their treats (hello dye-filled Popsicles which also have dairy sometimes and dye-filled lollipops) and brought a bag of his organic all fruit, gluten free, dye free, msg free, egg free, dairy free (yes all those things can and are hidden in fruit snacks) gummies.  Once he started those the tears stopped and we were checked out in 5 minutes.  At 11:30.  I was completely done and poor coach had to go to work the next morning, but other than the exhaustion and a tender head (they said the bruise from the fall is actually the painful part which made sense) he (and we) are fine.  He's such a brave boy.  

Today we have watched his favorite movies and probably over indulged him on his favorite fruits, but we're kind of sleepy and very clingy, so I figured one day is ok.  He's in a good mood but trying to keep him from running around too much is the hard part for the first few days.  That and after yesterday's amazing day at the waterpark, now we can't go back unt the staples come out--on his birthday.  Poor bubba.  The gift that keeps on giving. But so grateful he is ok and it wasn't worse. Love this little guy so much. 

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