Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kitchen/Laundry Room Update

Man I feel like we are the most slow-moving renovators ever. I say 'we' but its always waiting on coach to do something that delays me from the big stuff for months. God love him, he has zero sense of urgency! 

Anyway, the desk went away Mothers Day weekend, which was drama because it never occurred to us that they hadn't put flooring under the cabinet. So I still have no idea what to do with the 1/2" sliver and 2'x3' gap next to the existing cabinets. *sigh* I'd really love to just tile the whole kitchen but its just not in the budget. 

Then suddenly yesterday Lloyd's Papa appeared to remove the upper cabinets and move them into our laundry room. Coach frantically knocked down the 2 existing rotted, stained, crapo shelves in the laundry room. Just like when he removed the pantry shelving each shelf was attached with 25-30 finishing nails at each bracket. So he had to sledge hammer the crap out of it. Such poor workmanship, so irritating. That was harder than moving the cabinets! 

They moved the tiny cabinet first and then the big one, luckily my other brother-in-law is home for a bit from the marines trying to get active duty (long story) and came over for the lift/hold portion. 

The second those cabinets came down the whole kitchen seemed to be lighter somehow. More open. Those cabinets were just odd there to us and made the nook area so small. Now to get quotes for the texturing and we can paint!! I'm so excited to have this big project done. I've wanted to remove the wallpaper since we moved in! It's going to transform the whole space. Even without my painting the cabinets I think, which I still ache to do. One day.... 

Loving the hidden storage! Still have to patch a million holes from those finishing nails, texture over it when they do the kitchen (for my sanity mostly) and finish painting. Paint paint paint! Oy!