Sunday, April 7, 2013


We just lost someone truly amazing.  It's still so sudden, unexpected, and new I haven't even been able to process it.  My Grandpa died last night down in Austin.  He was so incredible and lived a wonderful life.  He's not even my biological grandfather but he always felt like he was.  He had a full and incredible career in the Air Force starting out as a flight navigator and then as a pilot--flying both in Vietnam and Korea--retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.  He then worked for the State of Texas for a long time in Austin, retiring just about 10 years ago--which seems hard to believe.  

He was so funny and even though he was quiet (mostly being married to my uber-chatty grandmother), he had these barely audible little quips and digs that would get you just rolling.  And when you did get him talking, he had some incredible stories to tell. I have so many great memories with him.  I'm so glad he got time to spend with Lloyd too, his great-grandson.  

We don't even know the full details yet but he is already so missed.  He'll be buried at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio under full honor guard.  So he will be close to my parents.  Which seems nice.  We miss you Grandpa.  I know you're enjoying a large cheese pizza without the nagging in your ear up there; hopefully Lloyd (the original) has brought you some beer to enjoy as well.  We love you.  
Steve Calhoun
April 21, 1940 - April 6, 2013
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