Thursday, April 4, 2013

Love's Beauty

I don't usually share other bloggers things, but Cup of Jo posted this incredible video of an artists exhibit that I've watched twice and it brings me to tears.  Sometimes memories are better left memories of past loves--but can you imagine seeing a lost love like this after many years? That they spoke no words was just so beautiful. Check it out. 

I'm also thinking a lot about how beautiful sibling relationships are as we embark on another pregnancy (we pray). I see all Lloyd's friend having these unique sibling ties and it makes me excited to see what kind of bond he'd have with a little sister/brother.  I feel so much more prepared for parenthood of two than I did for one. I think he is going to be wonderful with a baby, despite all the new challenges that baby's bring to the table.  

Love is beautiful.  I'm so full of it these days. Trying to be very optimistic,  it's helping me a great deal that my anxiety issues have gone to almost null after adjusting to a gluten free lifestyle.  Gluten is linked to so many things, including nervous and anxiety disorders (and attention disorders, it doesn't help that today's wheat contains about 80% gluten and the wheat of the past only had 20%--so interesting). Gluten intolerance is also linked to infertility and higher miscarriage rates. I'm really feeling like we found the culprit of my entire life's medical problems.  Could it have always been so simple?

So yay. Love lovie love love. :) 

And gluten free bread. Haha
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