Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Need to Get On That

Because I never seem to post a conclusive list of the updates around the house, here's a list of the current projects we currently have going; and boy do we seem to have a lot of crap waiting to be finished.  Driving.me.a.little.crazy. (but not enough to do anything about it apparently, haha)

The Kitchen

  • We will be removing the top and bottom cabinets left of the sink that intrude into the dining area within the kitchen. The top cabinet will go into the laundry room (we currently only have two small shelves above the washer, these cabinets will fit perfectly and provide some great HIDDEN storage).
  • I also have started prepping (aka scrubbing the crap out of) all the cabinets in order to paint them. Although I long for ebony cabinets or dark wooden stained ones, it's just too much work and white is very classic. I'm picking up the cabinet paint and primer recommended by YoungHouseLove later today (I hope).
  • All the wallpaper is down, the only thing holding up getting the texturing done is getting the cabinets down. So until all the work schedules coordinate of all the male family members locally, this is on delay. I did purchase paint, so I'm really ready to get that beautiful dark color up on the walls. It'll look nice with the white cabinets and all the great light in the kitchen. I'm now dedicated to Behr's Wine Frost (690F-6) matched in Olympic non-VOC.
  • I need to find/purchase two small floating shelves to put up next to the sink for cookbooks, but that is the very last thing on my list.
  • I need to find a reasonably priced and perfect sized round table to replace the rectangle table we currently have in the nook. It doesn't fit the space, but there was no use replacing it until we get the cabinets down/out.

Study Conversion

  • In preparation of whatever happens in adding to our family, I painted 3 of the 4 walls in the study deal a few months ago. The last wall has our mounted book shelves, which need to be taken down, moved, holes patched, and wall painted. Those are being moved into this strange "nook" in our current guest bedroom. Which is where our desk(s) will eventually go. My sewing table probably won't fit so it'll go in our room I think, since there's plenty of room. However, the armoir that is currently occupying the nook (part of Lloyd's big boy bedroom set, aka my set as a kid) is cull of china. We need to order new glass for my moms china cabinet, but we found a company (we think) that can do it for reasonable. 
  • In other news, anyone want to buy my Kate Spade china set of six? My moms set of 12 is more than enough!

Dining Room

  • The fabric I ordered to get the chairs recovered (after searching for weeks!) finally came in. We just have to drop the chairs off at the upholstery lady's house. Then about 2 weeks we should have then back.
  • Order glass shelves for hutch.
  • Thinking about repainting the accent wall. Not into the rust color anymore. Or the curtains. :) snowball effect anyone? Don't tell Jon.

Lloyd's Room

  • The big boy room! Sad. Reprinted the walls. The yellow was replaced with Valspar's Filoli Morning Glory (5003-10B) and looks amazing; we kept the Behr Happy Camper (430D-6) on two accent walls. Only bad thing is that Valspar stench is ridiculous! Low odor non-voc my ass. It was almost a week Lloyd couldn't sleep in there! I'm forever sticking with the Olympic!

  • I need to just arrange photos and get them up all over the room. I did replace a few photos in the frames. We didn't move in his big Bo furniture yet because (1) the armoire is still full of china and (2) we don't have a baby needing the dresser. The crib did go in the attic. Tears. But he's so much happier in the big bed, and sleeping worlds better!

So that's it. It's a lot of half finished stuff waiting on other stuff. I'll have a productive week then nothing for a while. It's like manic then I just stare at it all wishing elves would come take over. But alas, such is life. The super dumb part, is 90% of this is stuff we either saved for before I quit working/got pregnant/had Lloyd/all 3 or thought about doing before Lloyd was born. Woops!
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