Sunday, March 17, 2013


We are sitting out on the porch of our new favorite restaurant enjoying a nice Texas day. Lloyd is running and giggling around the outside, happy as a clam (or oyster, since that's what he's full of at the moment. There is some Louisiana in my Texas born baby!). And I'm embracing this beautiful sense of calm that has overcome our family lately.

Coach and I are so unbelievable happy in our marriage sometimes I make my high school me sick. After 3 years, losses unaccountable, and life--we are still happier every day together. I'm soooo thankful.

Our son is incredible. He is happy, friendly, kind, nurturing, and gorgeous in his innocence. I can watch him every day and love him more . He is changing so much in front of our eyes. He is a miracle of love. And I'm ready, so ready, for a sibling to join him.

I'm down right excited to try again. I feel good. I feel prepared. I feel healthy. Life feels right.

To Texas days, I raise my glass. To our family. And You. Bonne Chance.

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