Friday, March 29, 2013

Big Boys Are NOT Allowed...

This happened...

Then this...
Momma is not ready! Big boy bed! What?????

I painted his room during spring break because I was sick of the dingy yellow I'd painted before Lloyd was even conceived. This blue is just so happy. I still am collecting a few more things for the walls, then I'll try to post pictures of the new big boy decor.

Taking the crib a part was agony. Totally gut-wrenching, but hopefully soon a baby will be requiring us to put it back together. Prayers welcome. :)

Oh yeah, and this:

Still happening. What a hot mess. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Good Healing Book

Based off the recommendation of Chelsea (McMomma) I bought this book before we headed off to Seattle to be with Caitlin after my niece, Arabella (cute photos here), was born. But much to my dismay it didn't arrive at the house until after we left. In Seattle, I started to really feel good about our prospects (hence this post) and my body was feeling good. My anxiety issues are almost gone and fixing my diet and seeing Lloyd's specialist is really helping (we were both diagnosed with gluten intolerance last week though! Whirlwind of crazy, but huge improvements already in both of us!). But once I got home and re-settled I picked up Angie Smith's incredible words.
Angie Smith, I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy
They blew me out of the water. Every night I would read more, Coach would come to bed after rocking our chatty boy, and tears would be streaming down my face. Streaming. Her words reached into me. Her links to the bible were so insightful. Even as a converted Episcopalian/Catholic who grew up never talking about faith with people or reading anything faith-filled (after all, isn't that what The Rev was for? Who needs theology when you're a priests kid), it was incredible.
Angie Smith, I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy
I think, even if you haven't lost a child, a baby, a pregnancy--this book is incredible. I'd recommend it to anyone whose family or friend has lost a baby. It'll help you understand, because there's so much about the time during and after the loss that we cannot even vocalize. Then the residual things that may seem odd. Trust me, Angie touches on it all. I'm so glad I read it. And I was so into it I ended up going back and underlining the parts that called to me the most.
Angie Smith, I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy
Thanks Angie. For sharing.

Friday, March 22, 2013

2012 Family Photo Album

I've copied many of my friends and bloggers by creating an annual photo album.  So I got a free code from shutterfly (code: mybook, valid until Tuesday)  for an 8x8 album ($29.99 value) and so with a few extra pages and the coupon, I only ended up paying $11 total to have it shipped to my house. So much happened this year and it was fun putting it together with how much Lloyd has changed. Love my little family!

Shutterfly photo books are the new way to preserve your memories. Create your own today.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


We are sitting out on the porch of our new favorite restaurant enjoying a nice Texas day. Lloyd is running and giggling around the outside, happy as a clam (or oyster, since that's what he's full of at the moment. There is some Louisiana in my Texas born baby!). And I'm embracing this beautiful sense of calm that has overcome our family lately.

Coach and I are so unbelievable happy in our marriage sometimes I make my high school me sick. After 3 years, losses unaccountable, and life--we are still happier every day together. I'm soooo thankful.

Our son is incredible. He is happy, friendly, kind, nurturing, and gorgeous in his innocence. I can watch him every day and love him more . He is changing so much in front of our eyes. He is a miracle of love. And I'm ready, so ready, for a sibling to join him.

I'm down right excited to try again. I feel good. I feel prepared. I feel healthy. Life feels right.

To Texas days, I raise my glass. To our family. And You. Bonne Chance.