Friday, February 1, 2013

What We've Been Up To

In no particular order...

Dinosaur/Dragon Tails for Lloyd and and birthday boy Camden (who Lloyd is obsessed with and now likes to invade Mrs. Ashley's car so he can ride next to CamCam whenever possible. Including leaving church to meet them for lunch.  After which all we hear in our car on the way home is "ca cam ca cam ca cam...zzzzzzz" haha).  

Sewing up a car trash bag for both Caitlin and I.  I find it's so much easier to cut two sets of whatever I'm making then figure out what to do with the second.  
Making Curtains for the study/second child's room.  The window panels needed to be 9 feet in length to cover a top window in addition to the double window beneath it.  This fabric, you may remember, matches the quilt I made and finished a few months ago. Now I just have to slap some paint up there, put up the mounting hardware, and hang the suckers. Which requires a ladder. I also ironed and finished off the rest of the bias tape I needed to make the matching receiving blanket. It was a productive weekend for sure!

Lloyd's first trip to the zoo.  Three mommies with a total of eight kids.  The three youngest are all practically within days/weeks of each other and get along famously.  These are the women who have most recently saved my addled brain and made me definitely feel like less of a failure as a mom.  I met them through the Mothers of Ministry Sharing bible study at our church and am grateful every day that they are in my life.  They are such an amazing support system even though it's only been a few months that our friendships have existed.  So grateful.  (and yes, we do get a lot of looks with all those kids running around but they're all so amazing and well behaved)
 Date afternoons with my divine husband.  I love this man so much.
This "semester" of our bible study is following the teachings of Pope John Paul related to the "vocation of women".  It's incredibly hard to read but the teachings and his reverence of woman and our link to the bible is enlightening in today's society.  We've lost so much of what women, respect of women, wives, and mothers, are supposed to be.  It's nice (albeit hard to read if you're sleepy and/or distracted)
Home-made breads.  This challah recipe was really really good, and worth the time the 3 loafs took.  Yummie. Lloyd is a big fan of baking, he's great at measuring.  Really.
Wallpaper is coming down (almost finished after today).  Even these walls are down now.  Huge portions come off in full sheets, then others are adhered directly to the sheetrock and will have to be textured over because it damages the wall to remove it.  Gotta love it.  This is step 1.  Step 2: getting my Mom's dinning set here from Houston (found movers! yes!) so I can put our china in it, which is currently in the clothing armoire in the guest room and a kitchen cabinet taking up needed wall space. Step 3,: removing said ill-placed cabinet and midget desk that sits where the kitchen nook is (making it cramped and practically unusable).  Step 4: Texture walls and paint.  This is only 3 years past due.  *sigh* Hopefully, by Easter. That's my plan: walls finished and Seder dinner on mom's table.  Fingers crossed.
 Chevron Make-up bag for Lloyd's godmother/cousin/auntie Alexis.  Really easy and super cute!
Making home-made organic orange marmalade then using them to make Pioneer Woman's amazing sweet rolls.  6 pans of them.  I've got them in the freezer, gave some away, ate a whole bunch myself... man worth the time but next time... have something to bring them to! lol.

And of course, #1 job: making sure Lloyd gets enough cantaloupe. :)

Finally getting around to cross-stitching the outline for Coach's matching Christmas stocking.  This is, strangely, the most tedious part--copying one of ours and counting all those stitches so it looks identical but 20+ years newer.  Still deciding what to put on the stocking, but hey: progress!

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