Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(Small) Tear

I would have been looking like this. And almost halfway.

Started treatment with a holistic doctor today.  Last try, last chance, all our cards on the table.  He would prefer we wait 6 months to get everything figured out and give my body rest after whatever he unearths.  But I feel trapped in this waiting game.  Waiting to try and get pregnant, waiting to get pregnant, waiting to loose a pregnancy, waiting to adopt.... I'm tired of waiting.

I want to DO. (No dirty jokes intended)

I want to feel like our family is going to be complete. Finally. Eventually.  And right now I have none of that in this crappy waiting period we are stuck in.

But he took me off dairy and gave me what I am referring to as my 'vagina supplements'. Gotta find a joke in there somewhere. Right?

And I really am in a pretty good place most days although I'm sure it doesn't come off as much here.  But things do set me back.  More than anything right now I'm dancing on my tippie-toes I'm so excited to be an Aunt in the coming weeks.  We fly out on the 26th and while I don't wish an induction on anyone, I not so secretly hope she's late and I get to be there. :) but either way, baby smooches soon! A new life is such a beautiful thing. A wondrous and beautiful thing. 
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