Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent Sacrifice

I've been struggling so much with anxiety for the past few months. So much. If its not our plans for children (try again vs adopt), it is finances and horrible insurance (medical bills galore! Blue Cross SUCKS), or Coach finding a new job but not knowing where to look or what he'll qualify for since he's only ever been a teacher. So for lent I'm giving up something big. Huge.

For lent I'm going to do the hardest thing I can possibly do right now and hope it continues far past this small time period: loose my anxiety over our family, our finances, and our future. It doesn't seem to help anyway because His path is always unclear until we are living it. So here's to 40 days of true faith. This is going to be tough.

Feel free to hold me to it. Yeah, I'm already over my head.

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