Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Shower In-a-Box

My sister lives in far-away Seattle (Fort Lewis to be exact, about an hour away, but anyway--far) but I still felt like she should get a fun baby shower from all her Texas family and friends.  So I thought I was genius emailing all her college and high school friends to get them to contribute to this big box, but turns out I'm just copying Martha Stewart (that crafty bitch).  Or this pretty idea. The hometown box was temping, but the original thought was to send primarily a big necessity box: cloth diapers to be exact. 

Although I did love the idea of including a baby photo game and celebrity baby name game in there.  I also love that game of using crape paper to guess how big the belly is, so I thought about trying that.    In the end here's what we ended up with three games: having her guess the baby photos, all using nice fabric ribbon to guess her belly size, and this children's book name guessing game which was surprisingly hard.  Those all went in a small scrapbook attached to the bloods where she started.

We also all wrote her letters and I printed off the following photos--making a little scrapbook for her shower, just as she would have made for an "in person" one.  Overall, it was awesome fun. Albeit a really hard secret to keep!

And packing it up. I would recommending sticking to just mylar balloons.  The other ones were sad and wrinkly upon arrival... although they did provide nice cushion during transit.

my helper.
Caitlin's husband took some photos but I'll let her post those, although the video is pretty hilarious. Her face when the box opens and the balloons fail to come out is pretty funny.

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