Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mommy Diary: 18 Months

Developments this Month:
  • Words words words. So many words. And new signs: Potty, hot, and cold.
  • Time-outs for rough behavior.
  • Testing/busting every boundary you throw at him. 
  • Hilarious personality traits continue to abound.
  • Growth spurt and feeding frenzy.
It's little kid is constantly cracking us up.  He is such a hot mess.  He LOVES talking on the phone to his Aunt Caitlin, bringing you books to read repeatedly over and over again (ugh Brown Bear), dancing, showing off his big belly, and torturing the dogs.  He has so much energy it makes my frazzled brain spin, if only I could siphon off just a little... If only.

We made salt-dough ornaments and this kid had so much fun,  maybe this weekend we'll make sugar cookies.  The sheer laughter was worth the mess. Boy do we love this age!

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