Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mommy Diary: 17 Months

Good lordy I'm late, I know.  Especially since next week he'll be 18 months old (nooooooo!!!!).  But here we go. eek.

Developments This Month:
  • Clearly articulated words and phrases are continually flying out of his mouth.
  • We got our first "Papa" which made Mommy cry. 
  • Distinguishing "hot" food and items (aka my flat iron); he waves his hands over the food and repeatedly says "ho(t) ho(t) ho(t)".  It cracks us up.  Now before anything is eaten: "ho(t)?"
  • Getting into EVERYTHING (i.e. Mommy's popcorn that was on top of the counter and pushed back, he's so flippin tall!). 
The term "Mischief Managed" came into play a lot this month.  He is absolutely hilarious and so much fun.  As a Mom, I adore this age. We can run multiple errands, go out to eat, play with older and younger kids, and he's just so curious and imaginative.  I get lots and lots of fun things to "eat" from the play kitchen.  He's obsessed with watching the lights click on and off on the 800 flashlights his Papa has bought him and carries them around the house all day to torment the dogs with. 

We've also had our fair share of rough hitting and tantrums this month.  "Mini Caitlin" came to stay for a few weeks in the middle of the month.  He has this incredible temperament that reminds me so much of my sister at this age and apparently his Daddy too; it has it's hilarious and wonderful positives and it's lovely downsides.  If he didn't look so much like his Momma, I'd seriously doubt whose child he is.  He's definitely willful, but I enjoy it.  It's a learning experience for both of us to figure out how to explore boundaries and consequences.  He's been pretty good and "apologizes" (aka hooking his arm around your neck and giving you lots of tender kisses); he's only had to go to time-out twice.  Both were on particularly difficult days for me and weren't solely his fault but I regret not having the patience to continue to be communicative with him about his poor behavior. 

I swear he understands everything, so I have continued to speak to him as an adult even during his difficult days.  Children are so much smarter than most adults give them credit for, and honestly I get 100's of comments on how much older he seems that other children his age or older.  Caitlin credits how I speak to him with the majority of it, but I also think it's a bit of his environment and just him.  There is some of his Momma in there somewhere I guess.  Old soul's me and my little boy.
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