Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Eve for our family has just as many traditions as Christmas day.  My dad always made Jambalaya and we made cookies together, so I made cookies with Lloyd this year for the first time and he had so much fun.  I made my usual sugar cookies but didn't use the royal icing because of his egg allergy and the powdered sugar/water combo didn't look or taste much different.  Although he did break out in a rash later after eating one, but we think he might have reacted to the mints we had crushed and used as sprinkles.  Poor guy, always allergic to something despite my best efforts.  The past few years Coach's family has also come over for Jambalaya on Christmas eve, so it's started a new thing I think we'll continue and enjoy. 


my sweet boy giving me kisses.
Christmas Morning was low-key for us this year, which is pretty much every year to be honest.  Lloyd got a basketball hoop that he was all over once he saw.  Our power was out due to a large storm that blew through early that morning so much of our usual Christmas activities were altered.  Even my in-laws house was without power longer than ours, so we were cooking all the Christmas brunch at their neighbors and bringing it back (dancing between the raindrops).  But it was nice and quiet with just our family and that was nice, even though I missed my sister (and brother-in-law) terribly all day.  Lloyd made out like a bandit with his Papa making a train track for him, Coach's Aunt (and family) giving him a Cabela's ride-on four wheeler, his uncles getting him some neat blocks, and his Miece (Coach's mom) putting his favorite puffs in his stocking--this kid is blessed.  Coach and I faired pretty well too, and I'm enjoying my new converse, yoga pants, and make-up as we speak.  All in all, a pretty nice day.

two points!

new skidder's shoes, this kid's feet grow so fast!

Lloyd's Christmas PJs

helping Daddy, this is exciting stuff.

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