Sunday, November 25, 2012


I've been pretty remiss in my blogging of late and I wish I could apologize without sounding lame, but it's been crazy and 100% exhausting around here. I haven't even remembered to do my project 52 posts or Lloyd's 17 Month update (the later of which I really need to do). I'll be posting late in the week with some catch-up news but until then, sorry and all that.

Until then, here are some of Lloyd's latest shenanigans:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Project 52 | Week 44 | Quilting


Preparations are underway.
And boy (or girl, lol)  are they cute!
As mentioned in this post of yore, Jo-Ann's no longer carried the fabric I needed to finish the backing on ABC's quilt. But thankfully I found someone on eBay who was still selling some, albeit more expensive than the original price but at this point I was desperate. It came in a few weeks ago and after washing and ironing, I was finally able to baste it all together and start quilting.  

Unlike Lloyd's quilt, I decided to forgo the free-motion quilting because my machine made it a pain and just go with some creatively placed vertical lines.  After finishing those I decided for durability I should add some horizontal lines to the mix and it turned out so amazing.  I even made my own bias tape from another accent fabric.  It's so awesome to see finished. I cannot wait to hang it in the room that is now 80% painted and ready for ABC's arrival.  

I just love how it turned out don't you? It's great for both a boy or girl, which is great since we're going the "surprise route this time. We really don't care if its either sex, just happy and healthy! Plus I fantasize about my awesome OB declaring "it is a ........"!! Weird right?