Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mommy Diary: 15 Months

Developments This Month
  • More words.  
  • So stinking animated it is hilarious.
  • Officially out of all his 18 month shirts and john-john's, only 2T shirts.  Still some 18 month pants/shorts.
  • Size 5/6 shoes (big feet!).
  • Down to only one nap.
Every day with this little guy is fun.  He is hilarious.  He dances. He laughs at himself.  He's mischievous.  Oh is he trouble some days!!  But he's so worth it and for the most part he is super super affectionate and sweet.  But he does have those boy days when he laughs at the word no, hits, throws everything, and is a ball of destruction.  Thankfully those days aren't very frequent.

He also has had his first time somewhere without me. Or family.  I left him at the church nursery last week for 2 hours while I went to my MOMS group.  He cried and cried, I could hear him all the way to my study.  He didn't get down and play the whole time, just cuddled up on the lady and laid on her.  But at least he didn't cry longer than 5 minutes.  He wouldn't let me put him down for a while.  We go every Wednesday though, so hopefully it'll get better. He loves to play.

We also started going to toddler time at our city activity center 2 weeks ago and he loves it.  He runs around tossing the balls, climbing on the blocks, crawling through tubes, and sharing toys with other girls.  Such a flirt.  He's always exhausted when we leave so it's a struggle to keep him awake long enough to get home, eat lunch, and make it to his normal nap time around 2.  But those days he has the most wonderful naps.  Lots of sewing gets done those days. :)  He's just so sweet.
grape face, trying to get him to sit still :)
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