Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Cooking

Summer is over in our house, Football is back and Coach is gone.  We miss him.  Lots of play-dates at the mall play area since it's still too hot to play outside.  Little boy misses his Daddy all day, but it's ok--just an adjustment.

It was a good summer for getting some cooking and experimenting done though.  I've been having a ball playing with recipes, using my pinterest stash of saved items, and using my new-to-me ice cream maker (yum). I've also had a lot of excuses: my sister and I whipping up a few things at her house, a few parties, and Coach being home to watch Lloyd while I get my chef on. So here's some of the stuff we've been dining on this summer, which seemed appropriate now that Coach is back at school.
  • This Strawberries and Cream sponge cake roll. Was amazing, made 3 of them for a 50th birthday party celebration. YUMMMMM. Used all the egg yolds left over to make ice cream, what a bummer. :)
  • Martha Stewarts Strawberry Ice cream (thanks to my mom's ice cream maker coming home with me), only I made it with cherries. They've been so good this year.
  • These super rich oreo pops for my Brother-in-Law's Marine graduation party.
  • This high protein "cheesecake" made with cottage cheese, plain gelatin, and jello was amazeballs. And somewhat guilt free.  
  • AMAZING potstickers (we ate the entire tray in one sitting. woops).
  • Again with these chicken and spinach stuffed shells (lloyd's favorite dinner, maybe ever).
  • This taco seasoning will change your life... or at least help you season it better.
  • Summer zucchini bites. Must make again, Lloyd was in heaven.  So were we actually....
  • Coffee Ice Cream.  holy cow it's good. I used a chocolate, whiskey espresso bean and it has hints of the makers mark whiskey. Such a nice ending to the day.
  • Peanut Butter Ice Cream, you will die.  Must use the crunchy peanut butter--the texture is divine!
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