Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project 52 | Week 33 | Chores


Start early.
They might not even know it's a chore.
But it also might backfire.

Exhibit A
We started having Lloyd feed the dogs (with help).  He loves it.  He knows when they get fed and how much.  Although he does have a propensity to spill the scoop, so he gets a little assistance.  He loves it and doesn't even realize it's a chore, probably because it happened on accident just because he liked to play with the scoop so much.  Only now if the extra pantry is open for any reason, he thinks it's feeding time and makes a beeline for the dog food and starts to fill the bowls.  And sometimes you can't get to him soon enough and they get a little extra food in the middle of the day (exhibit A).  

No harm, no foul.  Happy dogs, happy baby, happy Mommy.
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