Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mommy Diary: 14 Months

Developments This Month:
  • Six new teeth.  All four 1st molars and his top two (bi)cuspids.  Poor little man.
  • Phrases, more talking.  Want Mommy, Want Cheese, Thank You, Want Doggie. 
  • 100% weaned. 
  • High Fives. cracks me up every time.
  • Following directions.  He loves helping you put the dishes away, and actually does put all the Tupperware in the right cabinet for you.  It's hilarious.
This child of ours is blowing our minds daily.  He is so smart and sweet.  So affectionate.  We are the luckiest parents alive.  We wonder a lot if other children his age are as animated and vocal, he's always chatting and running around.  I think it's why when he does crash he crashes hard.  He does everything to the max.  

I've been taking him to the mall play area during this heat and he's done really well.  He likes crawling around and watching the other kids play.  I'm hoping the more we go to Mommy and Me and stuff like that, the more he'll start to actually play with the other kids his age.  He loves the interaction.  He's always shy at first then warms right up.  It's the only time he resembles me at all: the initial shyness.  Otherwise he's all Daddy (and maybe some Aunt Caitlin).  He has such a fun personality. I love playing with him every day, it's getting harder to not smile when he does certain things we should start not allowing him to.  He just gives you this mischievous grin and hugs you.  Such a goob.  

14 months little bear, where has the time gone?
play on little man... play on.
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