Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Freezer Meals: Tortilla Casserole

So since we're trying to get pregnant again I'm terrified of suddenly feeling as crud as I did with Lloyd.  And unlike before, we do not have 2 jobs and cannot afford (nor want) to eat out as much as we did those first 16 weeks.  I remember how awful eating was and cooking was agony.  If I could cook, by the time it was done the smell of it was making me so sick I couldn't even eat it.  Major let down.  Hence the 12-15 pounds I lost those first 14 weeks.  Oh Zofran.....
Anywho, this time I want to be prepared.  Just in case.  Especially since we have a little guy who loves his food and I want him to remain the great, healthy eater he is already.  So I've pulled out recipe's that I know freeze well.  Here's one I just cooked and slid into the freezer.  The original idea was from Everyday Food, but I altered it so much it's practically a Gilmore original and I just have typed it here.  

A few notes: I split the recipe into 2 small freezer pans, instead of 1 large one but that's my preference.  I also added bell peppers and zucchini to the veggies, you could make it anything you like.  I also used the corn and black bean salsa I like from the store--it has about 1/3 less salt than regular salsa, isn't too spicy (for the kids), and adds more flavor and texture but it's up to you. Whatever you like. I even made it with a mango & peach salsa once and was pretty dang good.

Also, here's the taco seasoning recipe. So good, so easy, SO CHEAP!
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