Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adventures in Quilting

So I've made a couple small quilts so far (and one t-shirt quilt), and of course Lloyd's quilt, but so far this one for baby Owen has to be my favorite.  It's the only one where I've used a legit "pattern" and it turned out really well and was beyond easy.  Also helped that it was probably the smallest one I've made.  
It was especially nice to be able to print out clear instructions (which you can find here).

It was a thrill to make it and using the fleece back layer to do the binding was new and really easy.  Made those mitered corners even easier.  So cute.  Feeling less and less like a quilting wanna-be.  :)  I hit a snag with finishing ABC's quilt, I have the top pieced and the batting but the backing fleece I was going to use is now gone from my JoAnn's--crap.  So I'm waiting until fall and hoping it'll come back, otherwise I'm going to have a panic attack. Boo.
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