Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mommy Diary: 13 Months

I am so behind. I know.  Vacation and family is a priority.  I'll catch up eventually. 

I though it'd be easier to just do these once a  month photos.  But it's been hard, probably because Coach is still home for summer and we pretty much have no schedule and have no idea what day it is.  Until this Monday when he returns to football.  And not only does he go back to work, he goes back to football and the late nights, exhaustion, and general hatred of what he's forced to do.  So yeah.  

Here's to 13 months little guy!  

Developments this month:
  • Running.  everywhere.
  • Weaning off daytime feeds.
  • So. Much. Communication.
  • Napping alone during the day.
  • Trying to get down to one nap, but with all the traveling it's not consistent yet. 
  • Our first visit to Washington State to visit Aunt Caitlin.
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