Friday, June 22, 2012

Project 52 | Week 25 | Preparation

We are in the count down for our trip to see my sister and the suitcases are out and halfway packed.  The advantage being that Washington state is a whopping 30 degrees colder than Texas and requires a whole different wardrobe.  So the pants that we have as hand-me-downs but were never going to be worn because it's summer when they'll fit, will actually get some decent action for at least the time we are on vacation.  Sweet.  

Luckily we are able to also take our cloth diapers and wash them at her house, although that means almost a whole bag is dedicated to them.  Plus we've got our car seat to haul around the airport.  Should be fun.  With a toddler.  We're packing lots of snacks and a few toys he's never seen before. But we are totally going to be those people.  With the screaming kid.  4 hours of flying time will be worth it. I'm so excited to see her and visit the pacific northwest.  Cannot. Wait.

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